Knee Jerk Reactions

I stopped wearing a Dodgers hat when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. William Penn refused to remove his hat before the English court, after being arrested for speaking to an “unlawful assembly.” The Government ordered that no religious group larger than five persons could gather (except for the Church of England). Wanting to avoid an unnecessary confrontation with the world’s authorities Penn (the eventual founder of Pennsylvania) chose to enter the court without a hat (against the custom of the day) thus eliminating the necessity of removing it as a gesture of deference to the government’s magistrate. God was this Quaker’s Magistrate and Master. The Bailiff insisted they enter with hats and placed the hat on Penn’s head, which he now refused to remove. Penn was sent to jail for this crime of fashion. Continue reading

Battle of Charlottesville

The Battle of Charlottesville
America is perhaps the only Nation in history, in which after crushing a Revolution or Civil war, not only allowed the defeated army to take their rifles home, but allowed those defeated to erect monuments of honor to themselves and a bad cause. What most call the Confederate flag is in fact the battle flag of the defeated Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Robert E. Lee. Continue reading

Is Our President Crazy?

Our President loves professional wrestling. Most elites don’t “get” professional wrestling, and therefore don’t get him either. It’s more than Punch & Judy. It reduces the world to elements even a child can understand. There is a good guy and a bad guy (both wearing tight bathing suits over tights) but in the end the good guy wins and the crowd roars its approval. It’s America reduced to a wrestling ring (never mind that it’s a square) and it is a metaphor that describes how the good guy can make a comeback even after “being on the ropes”. His nemesis often “plays dirty,” and cheats, and everyone can plainly see it, everybody but the referee. Continue reading

Mother Mayhem

Life is what happens between the fetal position and the fatal position. Anyone who will deny the most basic right, the right to life itself, is not just wrong, but dead wrong. Not only do pro-abortionists justify such butchery, they march defiantly through the streets, replacing the spirit of motherhood with malice. Malice is a malware that, like a computer virus, has infiltrated the tradition of good will required for any relationship or society to work.
Forget the computer virus, malice or ill will is a virus that can destroy any assembly of people (national, local, political or religious). At the end of the Civil War, on March 4, 1865 Abraham Lincoln said “With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.” Apparently, some were not listening. On April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. So much for malice toward none. Continue reading

Using the “N” word

Hearing someone use the “N” word can be very disconcerting. It is not the word itself, but how it is used that causes us to be uncomfortable. The first time we hear our own children use the “N” word snaps our head back. Some parents are just shocked the first time they hear it coming out of their own children’s mouths. Toddlers love to use it as they think it empowers them. They use it to establish their individualism and independence. Words express what is in the heart and the “N” word is often first uttered to declare defiance. The word is “No.” Not understanding it quickly sends man from the garden to the Ghetto. Learning to use the “N” word is more important than learning to use the potty. Good parents teach their children both. Children who don’t learn the power and importance of control are always making a mess. A child who accepts and trusts their parent’s “no” finds a happier and healthier life. Reaching for the hot stove causes loving parents to sometimes shout “no.” No is an important word and concept. The ten commandments are criticized by adults still in dirty diapers who never learned the importance and safety in a loving God’s “no.” Each of God’s “no’s” is for our good. Man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath for man. Continue reading

A Lion’s Pride

The world is still mourning the loss of its beloved “Cecil the Lion”. Social media exploded with indignation at the news of Cecil’s impalement at the hand of an American dentist and the animal’s unseemly demise. That a man would travel across the world and pay a fortune to kill such a majestic animal feels injudicious and unjust. Lions do not have personal injury lawyers and cannot sue in a court of law. They live and die by their own law. Continue reading

Memorial Day

They fell in battle fighting for our right to enjoy freedom of speech or the right to remain silent. They gave their lives so we might be free to worship or free to not worship, to sing in the choir or sleep late on Sunday. They died defending our right to read words printed in a free press or to laugh at cartoons in the funny pages. They died in order that we might live and continue to live in a place called America.
Mostly they were young. They had sweethearts waiting for them at home. They had dads who were proud of the brave men their sons had become and mothers who still baked them cookies. They had dreams, American dreams. They dreamed of having kids and houses with white picket fences. They dreamed about starting a business or going to college. They were all heroes on their last day and they deserve the gratitude of a grateful nation. They felt the wrath of war for us and gave us peace.
They died so we could vote for the candidate of our choice each November, or have a backyard barbecue in July. They died so we could root, root, root for the home team, or just lay on our backs at the beach and watch the clouds sail by. They paid the highest price possible in order for our children to grow up in a country with a ‘golden torch’ and door on one end and a ‘Golden Gate’ on the other. They made it possible for bulls to run on Wall Street and for women to run for President. They stood against tyranny and tyrants. They stood up for America’s children in the playground and against the bullies of the world as only big brothers and sisters could do. We salute them. We salute them with parades and with color guards and with marching bands. But we also salute them with sack races and picnics, and row boats, and cold watermelon, and things as patriotic and American as a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a piece of Grandma’s famous American apple pie. Ingimar DeRidder

Hope for Baltimore

Mothers have the greatest and hardest job in the world. There is no other enterprise on earth that can compare to the importance of the product they produce. There is no other industry outside the mysteries of heaven that is more vital to national defense than motherhood. While Baltimore was on fire, erupting in riots, and rocks were raining down on the police force, the Governor and Mayor were arguing about jurisdiction and authority, and if the National Guard should be deployed. Teenagers, outraged by a sense of injustice in the death of another black man in police custody, and whipped into a frenzy by community disorganizers, anarchists, and agitators, – erupted in an explosion of rage. The ‘authorities’ were back on their heels.

Something happened in the midst of the chaos. One mother (one authority) recognized her son in the midst of the mob, face masked, with a brick in his hand. Forget the National Guard, forget the Highway Patrol, forget the Marines, a mother’s love kicked into action- not to save the world, or Baltimore, but to save her son. She physically disciplined her flesh and blood as a lioness would cuff an unruly cub on the Serengeti. Earlier in the day, she warned him not to join the mayhem, and he promised he wouldn’t. He broke his promise. Spotting him, she waded into the madness and brought one child to his senses, and brought him home.
Where were all the other mother’s, the defenders and keepers of the home? God bless the mother that rises up to stand in the gap, “to train up a child in the way that he should go, that when he is old he should not depart from it”? Mothers have been doing that since the beginning of time.

Forget, nuclear missiles or Abram’s Tanks, what America needs is an army of Mothers who rise up as instruments of God, to save one soul at a time. America needs a revival, a revival of motherhood. America needs godly mothers. Not Hip-Hop mothers, not Hollywood mothers, not Cosmopolitan Magazine mothers, but God fearing mothers, spiritual Tiger-mom mothers, and god-loving lionesses mothers who not only know God, but realized that motherhood is the hand of God in every civilized neighborhood. -id

Police Force

A 57 year old Indian man who was visiting his son in Madison, Alabama had the misfortune to be stopped by local police while he was out taking a walk in America. When confronted by several police officers, the dark-skinned man said “no English.” It seems “no English” is a crime in Alabama. The police proceeded to try to pat him down and the man put his hands in his pockets (an Indian gesture obviously meaning, “I don’t want to fight”). That was a big mistake. The police officer slammed the delicately built foreigner to the pavement breaking two vertebrae and leaving him partially paralyzed. This is not to say the police are any better in Russia, or China. In Mexico, I understand they not only arrest you, but also sometimes burn you alive (ie. 32 missing arrested young people whose bones mysteriously ended up in an ash heap). I digress. It seems we need to re-institute Civics classes in schools (remember those?). We need to teach everyone (including police officers) the Bill of Rights, the basics of our government, and responsibility of citizenship. Everyone needs to understand the importance of Authority and the limits of Authority, and everyone needs to understand Police Force. The policeman who did this has been fired and will be tried in a court of law. God bless America!

Once a police officer gives you an order they go into an automatic state that will force (that’s why they call it Police Force) compliance. Force escalates until compliance is achieved. If your father, who speaks no English, is going to walk along a highway, you might want to give him a letter to carry that explains “this is my Father visiting me. Please don’t beat him up” (along with your phone number in case of an emergency). If you have teenage sons (black or white) you might want to tell them about Authority and compliance, and to be polite even to a rude and boorish adult. You also might also tell them that without a police force and law enforcement, evil would rule the day and thugs and war lords would treat anyone walking alone down a street through their neighborhood much worse. Ingimar DeRidder

Civil Rights

What happened in Ferguson was not civil and it was not right. What happened in Ferguson was the collapse of civil order and a cascade into chaos. It’s cause was both simple and serious. it was all around “disrespect”. The black community (for the most part) feels disrespected. A civil society is based on respect. I respect you. You respect me. When that simple rule is broken, civility is broken. Standing up in the classroom when the teacher walks in, taking off your hat in the elevator or giving up your seat for a woman on the city bus, or GIs watching their language when “there’s a lady present,” were unwritten rules of civility of an era bygone. We used to say “yes Ma’am” and “yes Sir.” But even in the “good ‘ole days” it was not always so.

The Civil Rights Movement demanded that the politeness of a genteel society went both ways across a racial divide. Jim Crow disrespected a whole race of people. Changing that was not easy. Fairness said it was not only the black man who should say “Yes, sir” to the policeman, but the policeman should also address every black man as “Sir.” The Civil Rights movement demanded equality, justice, and respect. Today, disrespect rules.

Disrespect coats everything with a filthy film, like the soot from an old smoke stack of a Pennsylvania steel mill. It’s in the music, on the street, and in the air. It was center stage in Ferguson where, if we paid close attention, we might all get a good look ourselves and at the New America. In Ferguson there was no respect for the law, for the police, for private property, for authority, for the Grand Jury, and as it turned out no respect for life. Police have forgotten that they are “Civil Servants.”

Being “disrespected” on a daily basis is what many black people experience every day. Feeling disrespected is as painful as a slave owner’s whip. Most black people have just quietly endured the indignities. There is also the indignity of financial poverty and the poverty that comes from the lack of self-respect. To disrespect someone is to devalue them, to deny their worth, and disavow them. The pain and shame caused by such a disrespect can inflict an almost irreparable damage to the soul of a person or a whole community. Resentment can slowly build in such a wounded spirit until it erupts in ways that can be anything from suicidal to incendiary.

A perceived injustice often leads to a remedy that creates another injustice. That is why one war’s end is just the beginning of the next war. One disrespect leads to another, and to another, and to another, into a cascade of chaos. In Ferguson there was enough disrespect to go around. There every law of God was broken. All Ten Commandments were smashed before the first plate glass window was shattered. There was disrespect for property, authority, for parents, truth and life itself.

Disrespect begins with disrespect for God. A reverence for God keeps us from breaking into our neighbor’s house or business to steal his “stuff.” Disrespect for God is the first cataract in the descending cascade which always ends in calamity and chaos. Other cataracts are immorality, infidelity, idolatry, and cynicism (each breaking God’s plate glass windows).

Educators, politicians, and police forces are just some of “all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men” who are trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. They can’t. Our leaders are talking about change and managing bad behavior. They will try everything from smoke grenades, and greenbacks, to hand-outs and hand-ups. Without God things will only get worse.

Reverence is the fountain of respect. Remove the first commandment and the Temple of Trust becomes a flimsy house of cards. It will collapse. Remove the first commandment and you will spend a fortune trying to enforce the remaining nine (thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie, etc). Where there is no fear of God (reverence) there is a lot to be afraid of. Where there is reverence for God there is good. From reverence flows respect, and from that, not only a reason to be civil, but also to do what’s right. –Ingimar DeRidder