America is in danger of trading Freedom for Free-Dumb.  Freedom does not mean: Everything is free. Unfortunately, history is rife with attempts to create Utopia on earth. The hobo’s dream of the Big Rock Candy Mountain and the Life of Riley are pipe dreams. The American Dream began with a Declaration of Independence, not dependence on government and hand-outs. That all men are created equal is not an unfulfilled promise, it is the truth. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did not and could not by act or decree make men equal. God made everyone equal. Freedom was breaking the shackles of English Colonialism and replacing a bad government with a better one. Freedom is from something; Liberty is for something. In life, there will always be inequities. Some are born taller than others and command a presence just by being present. Some are born to the landed gentry. Others are born “out of wedlock.”  American History is the story of Liberty and what some men did with Freedom. Sweat-Equity is a perfect example. The great stories are not those of the Robber Barons or Bonnie and Clydes, who robbed their way through life. It’s the Rag to Riches stories of dreamers who made the effort to “get out of bed” and make that dream come true. Abraham Lincoln did not have fourteen years of free government education. He went from a Log Cabin to the White House, preserved the Union, and Emancipated 4 million slaves. Equality or inequality on earth depends on how we see each other. Life is what we make it. In life, equity is the added value that results from working with what you’ve got, and “making the most of it. – Ingimar DeRidder