Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My.

There are no Yellow Brick Roads in real life, but there are Lions and Tigers and Bears.  It was David’s duty to keep, watch, and defend the sheep. As a shepherd boy David was not looking for trouble, but woe to the Lion and the Bear that would try to devour the innocent lambs he was charged to keep. Keeping the peace is the first order of Government. Police are, first of all, and foremost, Peace Officers; and the Bible says that they do not bear the sword in vain. The Idea to “Defund the Police,” came right out of some lion’s den. Jesus said that those who do not come in properly, through the front door, are thieves and robbers. They are come to “steal, to kill, and to destroy.”

Likewise, good neighbors are governed by the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Good neighbors do not look for trouble. They believe in “live and let live.” However, should a neighbor suddenly turn into a Lion, a Tiger, or a Bear and try to devour the sheep you have promised to protect (remember your marriage vows?) your children, the elderly, the women or the weak, the helpless “so to speak,” the shepherds of the sheepfold  (the family, home, or village) will defend the flock. Jesus said a hireling will flee because he is a hireling. Jesus was no hireling. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. In Afghanistan we witnessed the “so-called” shepherds “take the money and run.” Then we watched as the wolves took Kabul.

The National symbol of Ukraine is not the Eagle but the Nightingale.  In Ukraine, after a Bear invaded the sheepfold, we saw something rare in this wretched world. We saw Character and Courage.  A young shepherd refused to run and stood between the Bear and the people he promised to protect, defend, and keep.  The world turned away after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. They pretended not to see or smell the smoke rising from Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald for years. Today, modern technology live-streams the sorrow of war, and the world takes sides and watches. God is also watching, and after some six thousand years of mankind choosing sides in the war of Good and Evil, the Good Shepherd may be about to enter the sheepfold, slay the wolf and separate the sheep from the goats. We will not have to answer to the warlords or the wizards. We will have to answer to the Word who became flesh, and who will come again and make all things right. -id