Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men

Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men

So, where’s the peace? The angels proclaimed, “Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.” It sounded like wonderful news. Yet two centuries of Christmas’ have come and gone, and this world’s children have settled for choo-choo trains, basketballs, and play stations. Was that an empty promise given on that natal night when Christ was born? This world is still at war, and man’s inhumanity to man has only gotten worse. Truth is, it never was the presents, but the presence. Today, there is still no room at the Inn. Jesus was never in the “Inn Crowd.” But Christmas was a miraculous birth, and anyone who opens their heart to him can experience the miracle of new birth and God’s presence. His prophetic natal name was Immanuel, “God with us.” While Jesus was God in the flesh, born to take our place as a sacrifice and the Savior, He is our Sovereign bringing his power and reign of Peace (God’s will and goodwill) with him. The truth is that wherever the Christmas message has been proclaimed, the power of Christ has pierced the darkness bringing light, hope, and grace into someone’s heart. Christmas is God’s son landing behind enemy lines and is more significant than the 156,000 allied troops landing on the beaches of Normandy. All the troubles and problems of the world are directly related to the fact that the world is at war with God. Jesus came to Sue for Peace, to die for peace, to bring peace. Merriam-Webster says to sue of peace is to “Officially ask for an end to fighting.”  Usually, it is the losing side that takes that initiative, but with Christmas, it is God who humbles himself. The Bible says that King Herod was “troubled and all Jerusalem with him.” Every sinner is at war with God. That is a war you cannot win. Fighting against God is a fool’s error and a fool’s errand. Fighting against the Creator is crazy, like banging your head against the wall. With Christmas, God came without his angelic armies, weapons, rights, or wrath.  The Almighty, who is a flaming fire, and unapproachable light, was an awesome sight as he took upon himself not only the form of a servant, but lie naked, helpless, and harmless in a manger. As a babe, he was greeted by the least of men, shepherds, in an animal’s stall illuminated by a Star over Bethlehem. He, who was rich, for our sakes, became poor, that through His poverty we might become rich. He came weak that he might make us strong. His virgin birth was the beginning of miracles and invites us to a life in him, where “nothing is impossible.” He is the portal for every mortal looking for a way back home to the Father’s house. He is the perfect gift that keeps on giving and brings the peace of God and a new joy to living. He is Immanuel, “God with us,” born of a virgin, “God of us,” made under the law “God for us,” that we might receive the adoption of sons. Jesus, desires to dwell in temples not made with hands, but in the human heart, which is “God in us.” He is the Prince of Peace, our refuge, our fortress, and our strength. Christmas is God come down, God over us, beneath us, and all around us, before and behind us. Christmas is God’s forever gift.  On Christmas, Christ was born, the Savior of the world who died on the cross in our place, in order to take us to our final and forever home, where we will be forevermore. If you have not already done so, receive Him now. What are you waiting for? -id