When we were children we used to play “Red Light, Green Light 1,2,3” and “Mother, May I?” Even as children we knew there were rules to every game. Three strikes and you’re out. You could not “rough the kicker.” No cheating. A game without rules is no fun at all. One of the rules we learned was, when our parents said “stop that,” they meant it. We tested that rule and sometimes pushed to the limit, we learned it was in our best interest to listen. Back in the day, disobedience could be painful. They were the Authority, the Heads of State, the Supreme Court in our home. By the way, that’s the difference between a house and a home (Rules, yes lots of love as well, but there were laws). A life without rules is chaotic. What we are now witnessing in America is chaos. Thanks to videos of everything today, we are witnessing what seems like police brutality, incompetence, or just plain stupidity. The video of an unarmed man (black or white) being shot is very troubling, and what seems outrageous has led to outrage. If I had the megaphone and the opportunity to offer one suggestion to the conundrum we find ourselves in, it would be this: “STOP.”

Every citizen should be required to take a refresher course on the rules of the game. They should study responsibility as well as rights. They should refuse to be color blind. Like anyone who wants a driver’s license, they should be able to see and understand the difference between a Red Light and a Green Light. They should fail the test if they fail to STOP at the STOP sign. Someone might get hurt or killed. They should understand how chaotic traffic would be if half the people ignored the rules of the road. While Police Departments are re-examining their training procedures, everyone else should remember this simple rule, STOP. When a law enforcement official says “STOP,” it is not a suggestion. He may be a racist or just an idiot. If he is either, all the more reason to stop. In this world we need police as much as parents. The Fifth Commandment is “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long….” Blowing off your parents is bad in many respects. First, they are the Authority in your life (at least for the time being) then one day, you will be the Authority in your home. What goes around comes around. Second, If our children disrespect the Authority of the parent, next it will be the teacher, then the boss, then the policeman, then disaster. The Officials and the Players need to get together and agree on the rules. Break, some rules and there is a red flag. Break other rules and you’re out of the game. The place to fight the police is in the court or law; but if we are all lawless we don’t have a leg to stand on. -id