“I can’t breathe.”
If we can’t see that there is something wrong with this picture, then we are more blind than Bartimaeus. He could not see Jesus passing by on the Jericho Road, but he was not deaf and dumb. He heard him and he cried out for mercy. George Floyd also cried out for mercy in Minneapolis. No one was listening. This should be a “Come to Jesus” moment for America. Poor George Floyd pleaded for his life for seven awful minutes. This photo (and video) not only breaks my heart, it takes my breath away. The “thin blue line” too often has been used as a hangman’s rope. In 2014 Eric Garner died when Police tried to forcefully subdue and arrest him by putting him in a choke hold for a petty crime. Sadly his last words were uttered eleven times and ignored, “I can’t breathe.” Most of those who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic had underlying medical conditions. They also could not breathe so the government rushed to find and make ventilators. America has some serious underlying conditions of morbidity, and is morally gasping for air. Her survival may require an aspirator to drain the edema of indifference and a ventilator to fill her damaged lungs with virtue. Seeing the knee on the neck of another African American should bring us all to our knees. Adrenaline and fear have replaced respect and fairness. America became lawless when she turned her back on the law of God. The First Commandment is the locomotive that pulls the other nine. The first is reverence for God. The other nine cars carry “respect,” for life, property, for people, and so on. We can’t blame riots in our cities on the Russians or the Chinese. There is no vaccine for sin or the underlying condition of a unbelieving heart. America can choose revival or riots. Only repentance and faith in Christ can solve America’s sin problem. Some things are not “left” or “right,” some things are just wrong. -id