Monthly Archives: February 2020

Not So Super Bowl

Franklin Graham lambasted the Super Bowl’s Half-Time Show for promoting sexual exploitation of women. Thank you, brother Graham for pointing that out to the millions of families and Christian couch potatoes and calling attention to the continued destruction and seduction of America; but pardon me, isn’t that what Hollywood and TV does ever day? Seems from reading about it, J Lo has reached a half-time (if not an All-time) low for women and mothers. Now, putting burkas on the Dallas Cheerleaders might seem a tad extreme, but come to think of it, wearing clothes might be a game changer. Anyway, I didn’t see the Super Bowl, since I have “taken the knee” when it comes to the NFL. Imagine if we spent as much time on our knees in prayer as we did before the “boob” tube. Frankly speaking, I think Franklin kicked a field goal for God and good with this one. -id