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Good Will

Perhaps we all need to lighten up a little

George H.W. Bush spoke of a Kinder and Gentler Nation, 1,000 Points of Light, and Freedom.  He also said, “I’m a Conservative, but I’m not a nut about it.”  He also spoke of the awesome power of the Presidency of the United States. One of his most famous quotes was, “ I’m President, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli !.”  Personally,  I LOVE broccoli, yet because he was a man of good will, I don’t think he would have hated me for it. In an age when civility has deteriorated into a shouting match and what amounts to a political “food fight,” as America pays respect to a kind and gentle former President, I hope many might snap out of the evil spell of political hatred, and thank God we live in a land where we may respectfully disagree, and rediscover reason.  He, we are told, was an Episcopalian.  That’s not my fold. If that is Christian enough is not for me to answer. God is his judge. Another famous Politician once asked ” What shall I do with Jesus?”  What we do with Jesus is the start of Christianity, what Jesus did for us is the Heart of Christianity, and what we do for Him is the art of Christianity.   What kind of Christian am I? I hope I am the kind kind.  -id

Good Will Toward Men

Good will is worth its weight in gold

And it holds the world together

Some things can’t be bought or sold

But Good will makes things better

Good Will says, “you’re just like me.”

And “I am just like you.”

You want your life to happy be

And that’s what I want too

Peace on Earth, Good Will to men

was lost because of sin

Joy to the World when Jesus comes,

but you must let Him in.  -id.