Monthly Archives: August 2018

the Trump Show

America invented and gave the world TV. Today America is really putting on a show. The Trump Show is an amalgam of American culture, creativity and crudeness. The Trump Show is part soap opera, some circus, and all the Saturday morning cartoons we loved to watch, rolled into one. It’s Beat the Clock, Survivor Island, the Apprentice, and Let’s Make a Deal. It’s Norman Rockwell and Trash Can Art combined. It’s the Rough Riders, and rudeness, it’s Reality TV. It’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the Beverly Hillbillies, Hollywood Squares and the Wheel of Fortune come back to haunt us. We reap what we sow. Trump has always been surrounded by a cast of characters from Dickens, Darwin, and Dante. Brothels, and Bankers, Gambling Casinos, to gaudy penthouse apartments, loan sharks and charlatans, shady lawyers and shysters. Married three times (but no more than Solomon). A teetotaler who sells vodka. A boxing and cage fight promoter as well as a beauty pageant owner. A builder and a bargainer as well as a brawler. God’s man. What? I did not say a Man of God, but God’s man, as Samson with his Delilah, David and Bathsheba, Noah with his vineyards, Jacob with his lentils. The Bible is filled with real men and women, not flannel graph characters, or Fairy Tale heroes. When America was cheating at its own game of cards, God raised up a Trump Card to beat the House and expose a phony and rigged system, so dripping with hypocrisy that it smelled to high heaven, and the rodents, rats, and roaches have been scrambling to hide in their own corruption and darkness. The elites have not only long honored themselves with titles, and tributes, as well as national treasure, but colluding with the media which with a single well-timed story had always been able to hang any usurper on the tree limb of public opinion or hang them out to dry should they try to challenge their hegemony. God raised up a rascal, immune to their poisons and impervious to their arrows. I don’t think George Washington could have survived the Special Council trying to convict him for cutting down that cherry tree. Nor could Abraham Lincoln endure the criticism of his wife and family without challenging CNN to a duel; and Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders would not stand a chance against the blood sucking mosquitoes of this modern day swamp called politics. But God, for nothing else but to give America a little more time before it aborts and consumes itself, has raised up a defender of the most helpless, the unborn, who had the audacity to stick his finger in the eye, if not in the dyke, of moral indecency (how ironic). May God help him, or God help us all. Pray for Trump. God is pro life, and for that reason alone lovers of life should support all those who do, but that is not why we do not support the progressives, globalists, and irreverent. There is one good reason God seems to have turned the establishment on its head. Israel. Trump’s America is Israel’s only friend. The very idea that Israel has a right to exist, let alone be a Jewish State makes godless globalists foam at the mouth. God blesses those who bless Israel. Pray for Israel and pray for Trump, pray for both their souls. Lift up your head redemption draweth neigh.

 -Ingimar DeRidder