Monthly Archives: November 2017

Red Carpet Treatment

We see them walking along a red carpet like Olympian gods come down from their palaces to worship themselves in the Golden Globes or Oscars. From the silver screen to cable TV’s and DVD’s actors walk across some stage, as an illusion and a figment of man’s imagination. At award ceremonies they stumble over their lines as they try to thank everyone who played a part in their life of pretending. That’s what acting is, pretending. Many times, in telling a story, they pretend to be a nice or a good person, and we were glad to go along with the story. The charges made against Harvey Weinstein and the torrential downpour of accusations is a spoon full of Caster Oil and a dose of reality long overdue. Hollywood has applied heavy layers of cosmetics to make sinners look good and tell lies. As knee-taking has ruined the All American image of the NFL and emptied stadiums, so the current confessional and exposure of Hollywood’s naked truth is Toto pulling back the curtain on America’s Wizard of Oz. Every medium can be used for good or ill. The same printing press that prints a Bible can print Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s not the bad technology but bad theology that’s the problem. In the spiritual world there also is “believe,” and “make-believe.” The Apostle Paul called men to an “unfeigned” faith that is real and needs no cosmetics or casting couches. Some say they have been trying to warn everyone that Hollywood is full of these predators and lies, but no one would listen. I seem to remember another famous actor who spoke the truth, but nobody listened. His name was Jiminy Cricket. When Pinocchio wanted to go off with Honest John and be an actor, he left Jiminy (his old friend) behind, to which the disappointed insect philosophized, “What does an actor need with a conscience anyway?” Forget the red carpet and the glamor and all the Honest Johns of this world promise you. Listen to God (and the little voice called conscience, if he is still around) and the story of the Cross. What should we think about the shocking red carpet revelations? It’s not that we need to think harder, we need to think higher. Don’t think about the curtain call, think about God’s final call   -id