Battle of Charlottesville

The Battle of Charlottesville
America is perhaps the only Nation in history, in which after crushing a Revolution or Civil war, not only allowed the defeated army to take their rifles home, but allowed those defeated to erect monuments of honor to themselves and a bad cause. What most call the Confederate flag is in fact the battle flag of the defeated Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Robert E. Lee. To the great, great grandchildren, of slaves, the sight of that battle flag masquerading as Southern Pride, pains the heart’s of 12 percent of America’s sons and daughters with the reminder of the great indignity of chattel slavery. They are equally offended when Christians seem to justify an evil institution that became industrialized and treated people, made in the image of God, like worker ants which they bred, bought and sold like livestock. The Tares sown in America’s Wheat fields are still being harvested today. Like the Black Plague that ravaged Europe in the middle ages, the idea of White Supremacy ravaged Europe with the rise and fall of the Third Reich and the twisted broken cross of Hitler’s Nazism, and the evil idea of the superiority of the Arian Race. Neo-Nazi Salutes raised in the flickering light of Tiki-torches on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville was a dark night in American History followed by an even darker day where blood was shed and life was lost and hatred hid behind the pretense of freedom. On April 30th 1863 the army of General Lee won the battle of Chancellorsville (with 10,000 Confederate dead and 14,000 Union dead). That battle set the stage for Gettysburg, which turned the tide, but also set the stage for this latest battle in Charlottesville. Two armies came to Virginia the other day armed with baseball bats, golf clubs, and batting helmets, prepared for something more than peaceful demonstrations. Law enforcement and the media helped to herd the demonstrators like sheep into a face to face encounter of chaos. Having said that, good ideas do not need Tiki-torches or baseball bats. The wounded soldiers of both sides of America’s continuing Civil War have returned to their homes to re-strategize and regroup; hopefully to do some soul searching and come to their senses. The twisted idea of White nationalism is just as twisted as the twisted swastikas that brought a holocaust. To those who understand the cross, it is the symbol of the end of the greatest war which is against God and is still being fought in the hearts of man. The only hope for America is still the Prince of Peace, who with the words “it is finished” asks men to trust him, drop their weapons and go home. Ingimar DeRidder