Is Our President Crazy?

Our President loves professional wrestling. Most elites don’t “get” professional wrestling, and therefore don’t get him either. It’s more than Punch & Judy. It reduces the world to elements even a child can understand. There is a good guy and a bad guy (both wearing tight bathing suits over tights) but in the end the good guy wins and the crowd roars its approval. It’s America reduced to a wrestling ring (never mind that it’s a square) and it is a metaphor that describes how the good guy can make a comeback even after “being on the ropes”. His nemesis often “plays dirty,” and cheats, and everyone can plainly see it, everybody but the referee. Again, a metaphor of life. The crowd is outraged at the ineptitude of the “Authorities” and protest until good prevails. A video of D.T. body slamming the dishonest, biased, News Media to the ground and pummeling it is to the Ever-Trumpers hilarious; but to the Never-Trumpers ( who have tickets to see Trump stabbed to death in Central Park’s Julius Ceasar) think it is uncouth and horrifying. The Liberal Media, is now pushing the idea that the President is Crazy. Like it or not, Donald Trump was not only Made in America, He is America. America is a melting pot of the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, but it is also made up of the last and next Music Man getting off the train that just pulled into River City. It’s Coney Island Hot Dog eating contests where the champion just consumed 70 Hot Dogs and Buns in ten minutes. Is that crazy, or what? America is Doc Holliday and Billie Holliday. It’s Elvis Presley and Evil Knievel (like it or not). It’s NASCAR, born of moonshiners, and NASA, who gave us the first man on the moon, and Michael Jackson moonwalking on a stage. It’s the Harlem Globe Trotters, and Welcome Back Kotters. It is trumpet players like Louie Armstrong and millions of others who are free to blow a trumpet for any idea or person they want. Yes, like it or not, America has always been just a little crazy. What is more crazy or American than a Corn Dog at the county fair or deep-fried ice cream? Which brings us back to a Seventy year old blue collar billionaire who wears a Doo Wop hair doo from the sixties, ran a gambling casino at Atlantic City, and after declaring bankruptcy and “being on the ropes” made a comeback to become President of the United States, who Tweets. That may sound crazy, but that is America. Now before we send in the guys with the White Coats, let me tell you what is really crazy. It is really crazy to abort millions of babies and appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will codify that as normal. It is crazy to leave your doors unlocked, your national borders unguarded which erases the definition of what is and what is not a country. It is crazy to attack the police who are sworn to protect society from evil. It is crazy to criminalize Christianity for praying, invoking God’s guidance, admitting we need divine wisdom, and protection. It’s crazy to outlaw manger scenes or saying Merry Christmas at Christmas. It is crazy to turn your back on God who allowed America to be born and become a beacon to the world and a city on a hill. It’s crazy to call evil good and good evil which pretty much sums up 50 years of Liberalism. We defeated the Red Coats in the beginning, it’s too soon to call in the White Coats. God Bless America! –Ingimar DeRidder