Mother Mayhem

Life is what happens between the fetal position and the fatal position. Anyone who will deny the most basic right, the right to life itself, is not just wrong, but dead wrong. Not only do pro-abortionists justify such butchery, they march defiantly through the streets, replacing the spirit of motherhood with malice. Malice is a malware that, like a computer virus, has infiltrated the tradition of good will required for any relationship or society to work.
Forget the computer virus, or COVID, malice or ill will is a virus that can destroy any assembly of people (national, local, political or religious). At the end of the Civil War, on March 4, 1865 Abraham Lincoln said “With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.” Apparently, some were not listening. On April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. So much for malice toward none.

Pro abortionists are as misanthropic as they are misinformed. Madness and Malice and ill will are in the wind today. Anarchy is a virus that eventually kills the social order. The Anarchist’s creed is chaos. They swarm like locusts and leave a path of destruction in their wake. They don ninja masks because the devil always wears a disguise. Like killer bees they feed off each other’s chemistry of outrage and anger, and then like a flash mob disperse into the shadows of anonymity. Along with progressives and liberals and other rodents of relativism,  the anarchists feed off the fantasy of foolishness, and “in your face”  feminism, fascism, socialism and  are fetalphobic (if they can invent the word homophobic, I can coin fetalphobia that slaughters millions of unborn), while nibbling away at the very fabric of civility. They claim to be champions of freedom, saviors of the planet and the heroes for humanity. What they don’t realize is just how bad things really are, and how bad they are. They are religious fanatics of the worst kind. They are self-righteous, and there is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are better than God (and that is what a self-righteous person is). If they challenge the Bible, call it myth or hate speech, it’s only a matter of time before they come after the righteous. Remember, the self-righteous nailed the righteous to the Cross. For them it is not enough for a transgender to be accepted, they will destroy the idea of gender, marriage, right to life, and even liberty itself. We made these Frankensteins ourselves in public schools and social science laboratories.

Most alarming is not what liberalism and humanism has done to civil society, but what it has done to motherhood. A hundred million tiny bones of aborted babies cry out from the ground of American soil. And millions of prodigal mothers have abandoned their birthright and wasted their substance in riotous living. Instead of marching in the streets and adding to the chaos, it’s time they came home to rock the cradle with a steady hand and a grateful heart, and rediscover how to really rule the world. – Ingimar DeRidder