A Lion’s Pride

The world is still mourning the loss of its beloved “Cecil the Lion”. Social media exploded with indignation at the news of Cecil’s impalement at the hand of an American dentist and the animal’s unseemly demise. That a man would travel across the world and pay a fortune to kill such a majestic animal feels injudicious and unjust. Lions do not have personal injury lawyers and cannot sue in a court of law. They live and die by their own law. Thousands of Africans have been mauled or eaten by lions and the African’s thought of where they are going to get their own next meal, makes most unsympathetic to Cecil’s passing. Lions and Mother Nature know nothing of kindness, tender mercy, or gender equality. The lion’s pride is about the survival of the fittest, the fastest and the first. Evolutionists like to teach little children about the “Circle of Life” and the “food chain.” These same people were outraged last year when they learned that a zoo was feeding its lions giraffe meat, of all things. Lions care nothing about gay pride or pro-choice. They will gut a wildebeest faster than Planned Parenthood could pull apart a fetus for body parts. Evolutionists insist that man is at best just an animal. Then they are upset when men act like animals. Genesis insists that man is more. And yet among all of God’s creatures, man is the most silly, sentimental and sinful. What other animal would run away from home, join the circus, and stick its head in a lion’s mouth? What other animal would eat Jell-o, prey on women, wear outrageous sweaters while pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes? In Mark 1:13 we see Jesus (God come down) living where we live. On one side we see “wild beasts” and on the other side the “angels.” The old nature pulls in one direction. The new nature in the other. One says “prey” and the other says “pray.” One says believe in Mother Nature. The other says believe in Father God. One wants to be King of the Jungle. The other, humbles itself, impales pride, and follows the Prince of Peace. -id