Monthly Archives: May 2015

Memorial Day

They fell in battle fighting for our right to enjoy freedom of speech or the right to remain silent. They gave their lives so we might be free to worship or free to not worship, to sing in the choir or sleep late on Sunday. They died defending our right to read words printed in a free press or to laugh at cartoons in the funny pages. They died in order that we might live and continue to live in a place called America.
Mostly they were young. They had sweethearts waiting for them at home. They had dads who were proud of the brave men their sons had become and mothers who still baked them cookies. They had dreams, American dreams. They dreamed of having kids and houses with white picket fences. They dreamed about starting a business or going to college. They were all heroes on their last day and they deserve the gratitude of a grateful nation. They felt the wrath of war for us and gave us peace.
They died so we could vote for the candidate of our choice each November, or have a backyard barbecue in July. They died so we could root, root, root for the home team, or just lay on our backs at the beach and watch the clouds sail by. They paid the highest price possible in order for our children to grow up in a country with a ‘golden torch’ and door on one end and a ‘Golden Gate’ on the other. They made it possible for bulls to run on Wall Street and for women to run for President. They stood against tyranny and tyrants. They stood up for America’s children in the playground and against the bullies of the world as only big brothers and sisters could do. We salute them. We salute them with parades and with color guards and with marching bands. But we also salute them with sack races and picnics, and row boats, and cold watermelon, and things as patriotic and American as a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a piece of Grandma’s famous American apple pie. Ingimar DeRidder

Hope for Baltimore

Mothers have the greatest and hardest job in the world. There is no other enterprise on earth that can compare to the importance of the product they produce. There is no other industry outside the mysteries of heaven that is more vital to national defense than motherhood. While Baltimore was on fire, erupting in riots, and rocks were raining down on the police force, the Governor and Mayor were arguing about jurisdiction and authority, and if the National Guard should be deployed. Teenagers, outraged by a sense of injustice in the death of another black man in police custody, and whipped into a frenzy by community disorganizers, anarchists, and agitators, – erupted in an explosion of rage. The ‘authorities’ were back on their heels.

Something happened in the midst of the chaos. One mother (one authority) recognized her son in the midst of the mob, face masked, with a brick in his hand. Forget the National Guard, forget the Highway Patrol, forget the Marines, a mother’s love kicked into action- not to save the world, or Baltimore, but to save her son. She physically disciplined her flesh and blood as a lioness would cuff an unruly cub on the Serengeti. Earlier in the day, she warned him not to join the mayhem, and he promised he wouldn’t. He broke his promise. Spotting him, she waded into the madness and brought one child to his senses, and brought him home.
Where were all the other mother’s, the defenders and keepers of the home? God bless the mother that rises up to stand in the gap, “to train up a child in the way that he should go, that when he is old he should not depart from it”? Mothers have been doing that since the beginning of time.

Forget, nuclear missiles or Abram’s Tanks, what America needs is an army of Mothers who rise up as instruments of God, to save one soul at a time. America needs a revival, a revival of motherhood. America needs godly mothers. Not Hip-Hop mothers, not Hollywood mothers, not Cosmopolitan Magazine mothers, but God fearing mothers, spiritual Tiger-mom mothers, and god-loving lionesses mothers who not only know God, but realized that motherhood is the hand of God in every civilized neighborhood. -id