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Police Force

A 57 year old Indian man who was visiting his son in Madison, Alabama had the misfortune to be stopped by local police while he was out taking a walk in America. When confronted by several police officers, the dark-skinned man said “no English.” It seems “no English” is a crime in Alabama. The police proceeded to try to pat him down and the man put his hands in his pockets (an Indian gesture obviously meaning, “I don’t want to fight”). That was a big mistake. The police officer slammed the delicately built foreigner to the pavement breaking two vertebrae and leaving him partially paralyzed. This is not to say the police are any better in Russia, or China. In Mexico, I understand they not only arrest you, but also sometimes burn you alive (ie. 32 missing arrested young people whose bones mysteriously ended up in an ash heap). I digress. It seems we need to re-institute Civics classes in schools (remember those?). We need to teach everyone (including police officers) the Bill of Rights, the basics of our government, and responsibility of citizenship. Everyone needs to understand the importance of Authority and the limits of Authority, and everyone needs to understand Police Force. The policeman who did this has been fired and will be tried in a court of law. God bless America!

Once a police officer gives you an order they go into an automatic state that will force (that’s why they call it Police Force) compliance. Force escalates until compliance is achieved. If your father, who speaks no English, is going to walk along a highway, you might want to give him a letter to carry that explains “this is my Father visiting me. Please don’t beat him up” (along with your phone number in case of an emergency). If you have teenage sons (black or white) you might want to tell them about Authority and compliance, and to be polite even to a rude and boorish adult. You also might also tell them that without a police force and law enforcement, evil would rule the day and thugs and war lords would treat anyone walking alone down a street through their neighborhood much worse. Ingimar DeRidder