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Rescue the Perishing and Border Babies

Jochebed put little Moses in a basket and launched her tiny vessel into the gentle flow of the Nile. A loving mother will do almost anything to save her children, even if it means giving them up. Some sixty thousand little (and not so little) baskets have washed up on our shores. One may contain a Moses; God only knows.
The rich and powerful seldom leave home or board the Mayflower looking for a better life, or that “shining city on a hill”. No, Pilgrims are not the privileged; they are the dreamers. Ellis Island was the Grand Central Station of the Desperate.

People laughed at Romney when he said Corporations were people. They are made up of people but anyone who has ever worked for one knows that they are heartless, and soul-less (unless your office is the one in the corner). Business is about the bottom line. It’s about the money. Government is about who collects the taxes and who gets the taxes. Follow the money. Money has become the God of America. Liberals are the first to tell you that you cannot legislate morality and then the same people demand charity or amnesty, and want to legislate morality. You cannot make someone love. Love must be given, it cannot be taken. What a politician means by charity is taking someone else’s money, keeping ninety percent for themselves and their friends, and putting what remains in the poor box.

Reaction to this tidal wave on our Southern border reveals character or the lack thereof. Some only see constituents (votes to ensure who controls the money), others only see customers (who will buy their products or pick their cotton). Others see competitors, chaos, crime, or the up-ending of the status quo of the United States. God sees souls.

Something is happening, not just at our border, but around the globe. Like the weather invisibly rising up from the thermals of equatorial Africa which will effect conditions half a world away, no man can stop this wind or the boiling instability, trouble and turmoil inside the godless human heart. And make no mistake, the godless heart is at the root cause of all this chaos.

Central American mothers hope their children will be rescued by America. A drowning man will cling to any floating object and even push under the very person who is trying to save him. Our politicians are conflicted. On the one hand we need to pull the survivors from the water, give them blankets to warm them, and something to eat. On the other hand we need to keep the ship of state from sinking. The problem is have they been rescued by the Mayflower or the Titanic? -id