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The Great I AM or the IMF

The IMF is trying to save Spain. Fifty-five percent of Spain’s millennial generation is unemployed. A whole generation is adrift on an ice flow that has broken off a glacial world economy. They are educated, hold diplomas, and training certificates that are as worthless as junk bonds to a gold-less gold mine. Millions died in Ireland during the Potato Famine of the 1845 and hundreds of thousands fled the Emerald isle for America where they picked rags or worked in mines and laid railroad track. Today there are no tracks to lay and the only trains are trains to nowhere. Spain is having its own famine and there is no where to go. The entire world is awakening to the awful fact that globalization really was a race to the bottom and the bottom looks bleak. Jesus warned about the deceitfulness of riches. The world is a place where a celebrity is offended that a clerk would not show her a $38,000 purse and no one is offended that there is such a thing as a $38,000 purse. The fact that people are starving is not new. What is new is that the consumer age has just about consumed itself and the orphans of hope stare into the empty plate of secular humanism. The jobless generation of the Iberian Peninsula clings to their parents, and spends their days in coffee shops putting their best face forward on Facebook. The last generation of Spain is faithless.
In 2007 a piece was published in the Huffington Post that said “the loss of religion was a good thing and that the fact that everything the Catholic Church was against is now legal (the legalization of divorce, contraceptives, promotion of sex ed, acceptance of drug possession, and of prostitution, gambling and gay marriage” seem to prove “that societies do not fall apart when they give up religion. And went on to say, “Moreover I believe that if Spain had not given up on religion it would not have been the success that it is now” (posted 3/9/2007). So much for success. Millions upon millions of young people around the world are disillusioned and are victims of the great liar who said “all these things will I give you if you bow down and worship me.” Bowing down to Mammon or the IMF is no substitute for bowing down to the Christ of the Bible who was the richest poor man to ever walk on Earth. Ingimar DeRidder