Banana Clip of Narcissism

Newtown and Columbine were not the result of semi-automatic rifles or large capacity ammo clips. They were the eruptive outrage of a lost generation caught between the emotional tectonic plates of Nihilism and Narcissism. One says everything is “nothing” and the other says “I am everything.” The crazies and ninja warriors lashing out on society and killing innocents are the symptoms not the substance. Crazy is the world that puts its faith in psychology or in the prophets of secular humanism. When God is removed from the center of our moral universe, it is no wonder that the planets collide. Every slaughter of the innocents is a self portrait of our godless society that resembles Munch’s Scream. The grandchildren of the Woodstock Generation are high on Adderall and are dropping the acid of self accreditation which is more hallucinogenic than any mushroom consumed on a magical mystery tour. The children and grandchildren of the baby boom generation have been brought up on the doctrine of Big Bird, and Barney the purple dinosaur. They believe the farce that “the Force” is with them, and hold to a “faith in faith” that says all they need to do is “wish upon a star.” They were fed the pablum that they were all gifted, exceptional, special and the central figure of their own universe, where no one fails and everyone gets a trophy. They were not allowed to scrap their knees or shins, never learned to resolve conflicts on the ball field without adult intervention, and never learned that God is good, and evil is evil. They grew up drinking the cool aid of self-esteem, surrounded by a virtual reality of high tech and low living. Sin is at the center of all our problems, but since that diagnosis is laughed off the planet, I use the word “narcissism” to explain what is wrong with our society. Narcissism is a toxic oil slick that coats the surface of a primeval swamp that holds the shimmering reflection of the self-absorbed. The oily sheen, like the mirror of the wicked witch in Snow White is programmed to perpetuate the delusion of self-importance and grandeur. Beneath the silver surface lies the rotten remains of a million lies fed to a godless generation that rejected reality. It’s no wonder that a nation that justifies aborting human life at its beginning has little to say at the end. It’s not surprising that children are confused about who and what they are when the laws of man rewrite the laws of nature, and misspell the ABC’s of the birds and bees. What we are left with is Nihilism or Narcissism that fills the void of a Godless-heart. Where Bible truth is ridiculed, the life is left with vanity and violence. -id