Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

If at first you don’t succeed, try,try again. BP seems to agree with this philosophy and the leak is finally stopped. Everyone has a “Plan A.” However, most of life, someone said, is “Plan B.” We all have big plans. We all have great intentions. Everyone has big ideas and God designed us to always “hope for the best.” Not everyone can be “Best in Show,” so it’s a good idea not to quit your day job. If your Blow-out-Preventer did not work, there may be a lifetime of cleaning up to do. That’s the story of life, cleaning up the marshes.

Moses was found in the marshes. “Plan A” was not working. An ancient government had crazy ideas about controlling the burgeoning slave population of its guest worker program. Jochebed put little baby Moses into her “Plan B” (basket) and hoped for the best. The daughter of Pharaoh rescued the little undocumented alien and raised him. She sent him to Harvard and set him up as a Community Organizer. Those who read the Biblical account know that this didn’t work out politically or socially and Moses reached for a “Plan C” that involved a transfer to the Bush Leagues and the back side of the Sinai desert. And so it goes, and such is life.

Eventually everyone must come to realize that God has the “real Plan A” and everything else in the alphabet is simply a misplaced letter unless it bows before the Alpha and Omega of God’s will. A life without God is simply playing Scrabble. Moses learned the hard way that God had a plan. He was eighty years old when he finally saw the light (or more accurately, the burning bush).

We have no idea if some blow out preventer shall fail on Wall Street, or Washington, or if sickness will suddenly appear to be “Plan C” in our lives. What we do know is that God has a plan for us, and a plan for us today. Jesus rolled out the blueprints for that plan and put His own John Hancock (so to speak) on a Divine Declaration. No matter what happens today, no matter what tropical storms bear down on your coastline, no matter what earthquake rocks your world, God has a Plan for us today: Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.                                                          Ingimar DeRidder