Sin Slick

The problem is deep beneath the surface. A constant stream of black goop is pouring out and fouling everything it touches threatening to ruin untold numbers of lives. The problem is too deep for human hands to fix. It is so deep that there is no natural light and the problem is shrouded in darkness.  And it is cold. The best minds are working on various fixes as those responsible are pointing fingers at each other and trying to shift blame and make excuses.  Even if they can turn off the flow, it could take a generation or a lifetime to clean up the mess. I am not talking about the little problem in the gulf, but the problem of sin deep in the human heart.

The oil slick caused by the human error and audacity of sin has and is polluting the entire world. The first great leak occurred in the garden near three beautiful and pristine rivers. The promise of greatness, riches and power was too great for Adam and Eve and once they open that fountain no cut-off valve has been able to stop the flow.  The problem of sin is too deep, it’s too dark, it’s too cold.  You can try to put a dome over sin but it doesn’t work. You can set out booms and skimmers- laws and levies, but they do not work very well either.  Like BP and TransOcean pointing fingers at each other at a congressional hearing,  Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed her counselor (accountant, attorney, contractor, whatever, fill in the blank). 

The problem of sin is compounded because this problem is deep in the depths of every human heart, so deep no ordinary man to reach it.

For this reason God sent His Son, down, down from the highest place in heaven, he went deep,  deeper to a place called Calvary and gave his life and paid the high costs of sin.  But Calvary is not so much a place outside of Jerusalem (since the problem is not as much physical as spiritual one) the place is in the depths of millions of hearts that must give way to God allowing Him to do the work man cannot do.

We all have a sin problem that only God can fix.  Once the gushing wound is stopped there is still a bit of a mess to deal with.  There is the cleanup, and some costs involved in restitution when your oil has washed up on and hurt some neighbor’s beach.
                                                                                        Ingimar DeRidder