Knee Jerk Reactions

I stopped wearing a Dodgers hat when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. William Penn refused to remove his hat before the English court, after being arrested for speaking to an “unlawful assembly.” The Government ordered that no religious group larger than five persons could gather (except for the Church of England). Wanting to avoid an unnecessary confrontation with the world’s authorities Penn (the eventual founder of Pennsylvania) chose to enter the court without a hat (against the custom of the day) thus eliminating the necessity of removing it as a gesture of deference to the government’s magistrate. God was this Quaker’s Magistrate and Master. The Bailiff insisted they enter with hats and placed the hat on Penn’s head, which he now refused to remove. Penn was sent to jail for this crime of fashion. William Penn wrote pamphlets that called the Roman Church a “whore” and the Puritans “hypocrites and revelers in God.” So much for political correctness. Making a person bow has always been a sticky wicket since Shadrach Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down before the King’s statue when the music was played in Babylon, Mordechai refused to bow before Hamman, and the first Christians refused to offer a pinch of incense upon Caesar’s altars. Conscience trumps trumpets. Whether someone insists we shout Hail Columbia, Hail Caesar, or Heil Hitler beware of the mob. Before the Roman Gladiators were to fight to the death for Rome’s amusement, the warriors would stand before the Emperor’s box seats and declare “We who are about to die, salute you.” The great controversy about sports figures “taking a knee,” is like an argument between two worms about saluting flags and honoring great and heroic worms. Twenty-two titans crashing into each other for one hour on Sunday in a kind of human demolition derby says volumes about a dying empire that has much too much time on its hands. My philosophy after coming home from Vietnam was “don’t die on the wrong battle field.” Dying on a football field is a foolish place to die, even if it is to prove a political point or who is more patriotic. Football is a strange and violent wreck creation. When it comes to “taking a knee” I recommend two. The church was most powerful when it was down in the arena on its knees, and not in the stands. -id


Battle of Charlottesville

The Battle of Charlottesville
America is perhaps the only Nation in history, in which after crushing a Revolution or Civil war, not only allowed the defeated army to take their rifles home, but allowed those defeated to erect monuments of honor to themselves and a bad cause. What most call the Confederate flag is in fact the battle flag of the defeated Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Robert E. Lee. To the great, great grandchildren, of slaves, the sight of that battle flag masquerading as Southern Pride, pains the heart’s of 12 percent of America’s sons and daughters with the reminder of the great indignity of chattel slavery. They are equally offended when Christians seem to justify an evil institution that became industrialized and treated people, made in the image of God, like worker ants which they bred, bought and sold like livestock. The Tares sown in America’s Wheat fields are still being harvested today. Like the Black Plague that ravaged Europe in the middle ages, the idea of White Supremacy ravaged Europe with the rise and fall of the Third Reich and the twisted broken cross of Hitler’s Nazism, and the evil idea of the superiority of the Arian Race. Neo-Nazi Salutes raised in the flickering light of Tiki-torches on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville was a dark night in American History followed by an even darker day where blood was shed and life was lost and hatred hid behind the pretense of freedom. On April 30th 1863 the army of General Lee won the battle of Chancellorsville (with 10,000 Confederate dead and 14,000 Union dead). That battle set the stage for Gettysburg, which turned the tide, but also set the stage for this latest battle in Charlottesville. Two armies came to Virginia the other day armed with baseball bats, golf clubs, and batting helmets, prepared for something more than peaceful demonstrations. Law enforcement and the media helped to herd the demonstrators like sheep into a face to face encounter of chaos. Having said that, good ideas do not need Tiki-torches or baseball bats. The wounded soldiers of both sides of America’s continuing Civil War have returned to their homes to re-strategize and regroup; hopefully to do some soul searching and come to their senses. The twisted idea of White nationalism is just as twisted as the twisted swastikas that brought a holocaust. To those who understand the cross, it is the symbol of the end of the greatest war which is against God and is still being fought in the hearts of man. The only hope for America is still the Prince of Peace, who with the words “it is finished” asks men to trust him, drop their weapons and go home. Ingimar DeRidder

Is Our President Crazy?

Our President loves professional wrestling. Most elites don’t “get” professional wrestling, and therefore don’t get him either. It’s more than Punch & Judy. It reduces the world to elements even a child can understand. There is a good guy and a bad guy (both wearing tight bathing suits over tights) but in the end the good guy wins and the crowd roars its approval. It’s America reduced to a wrestling ring (never mind that it’s a square) and it is a metaphor that describes how the good guy can make a comeback even after “being on the ropes”. His nemesis often “plays dirty,” and cheats, and everyone can plainly see it, everybody but the referee. Again, a metaphor of life. The crowd is outraged at the ineptitude of the “Authorities” and protest until good prevails. A video of D.T. body slamming the dishonest, biased, News Media to the ground and pummeling it is to the Ever-Trumpers hilarious; but to the Never-Trumpers ( who have tickets to see Trump stabbed to death in Central Park’s Julius Ceasar) think it is uncouth and horrifying. The Liberal Media, is now pushing the idea that the President is Crazy. Like it or not, Donald Trump was not only Made in America, He is America. America is a melting pot of the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, but it is also made up of the last and next Music Man getting off the train that just pulled into River City. It’s Coney Island Hot Dog eating contests where the champion just consumed 70 Hot Dogs and Buns in ten minutes. Is that crazy, or what? America is Doc Holliday and Billie Holliday. It’s Elvis Presley and Evil Knievel (like it or not). It’s NASCAR, born of moonshiners, and NASA, who gave us the first man on the moon, and Michael Jackson moonwalking on a stage. It’s the Harlem Globe Trotters, and Welcome Back Kotters. It is trumpet players like Louie Armstrong and millions of others who are free to blow a trumpet for any idea or person they want. Yes, like it or not, America has always been just a little crazy. What is more crazy or American than a Corn Dog at the county fair or deep-fried ice cream? Which brings us back to a Seventy year old blue collar billionaire who wears a Doo Wop hair doo from the sixties, ran a gambling casino at Atlantic City, and after declaring bankruptcy and “being on the ropes” made a comeback to become President of the United States, who Tweets. That may sound crazy, but that is America. Now before we send in the guys with the White Coats, let me tell you what is really crazy. It is really crazy to abort millions of babies and appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will codify that as normal. It is crazy to leave your doors unlocked, your national borders unguarded which erases the definition of what is and what is not a country. It is crazy to attack the police who are sworn to protect society from evil. It is crazy to criminalize Christianity for praying, invoking God’s guidance, admitting we need divine wisdom, and protection. It’s crazy to outlaw manger scenes or saying Merry Christmas at Christmas. It is crazy to turn your back on God who allowed America to be born and become a beacon to the world and a city on a hill. It’s crazy to call evil good and good evil which pretty much sums up 50 years of Liberalism. We defeated the Red Coats in the beginning, it’s too soon to call in the White Coats. God Bless America! –Ingimar DeRidder

Mother Mayhem

Life is what happens between the fetal position and the fatal position. Anyone who will deny the most basic right, the right to life itself, is not just wrong, but dead wrong. Not only do pro-abortionists justify such butchery, they march defiantly through the streets, replacing the spirit of motherhood with malice. Malice is a malware that, like a computer virus, has infiltrated the tradition of good will required for any relationship or society to work.
Forget the computer virus, malice or ill will is a virus that can destroy any assembly of people (national, local, political or religious). At the end of the Civil War, on March 4, 1865 Abraham Lincoln said “With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.” Apparently, some were not listening. On April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. So much for malice toward none.

Pro abortionists are as misanthropic as they are misinformed. Madness and Malice and ill will are in the wind today. Anarchy is a virus that eventually kills the social order. The Anarchist’s creed is chaos. They swarm like locusts and leave a path of destruction in their wake. They don ninja masks because the devil always wears a disguise. Like killer bees they feed off each other’s chemistry of outrage and anger, and then like a flash mob disperse into the atmosphere of anonymity. Along with progressives and liberals and other rodents of relativism, the Democ-rats feed off the fantasy of foolishness, and “in your face” feminism, fascism, socialism and are fetalphobic (if they can invent the word homophobic, I can coin fetalphobia that slaughters millions), while nibbling away at the very fabric of civility. They claim to be champions of freedom, saviors of the planet and the heroes for humanity. What they don’t realize is just how bad things really are, and how bad they are. They are religious fanatics of the worst kind. They are self-righteous, and there is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are better than God (and that is what a self-righteous person is). If they challenge the Bible, call it myth or hate speech, it’s only a matter of time before they come after the righteous. Remember, the self-righteous nailed the righteous to the Cross. For them it is not enough for a transgender to be accepted, they will destroy the idea of gender, marriage, right to life, and even liberty itself. We made these Frankensteins ourselves in public schools and social science laboratories.

Most alarming is not what liberalism and humanism has done to civil society, but what it has done to motherhood. A hundred million tiny bones of aborted babies cry out from the ground of American soil. And millions of prodigal mothers have abandoned their birthright and wasted their substance in riotous living. Instead of marching in the streets and adding to the chaos, it’s time they came home to rock the cradle with a steady hand and a grateful heart, and rediscover how to really rule the world. – Ingimar DeRidder

Using the “N” word

Hearing someone use the “N” word can be very disconcerting. It is not the word itself, but how it is used that causes us to be uncomfortable. The first time we hear our own children use the “N” word snaps our head back. Some parents are just shocked the first time they hear it coming out of their own children’s mouths. Toddlers love to use it as they think it empowers them. They use it to establish their individualism and independence. Words express what is in the heart and the “N” word is often first uttered to declare defiance. The word is “No.” Not understanding it quickly sends man from the garden to the Ghetto. Learning to use the “N” word is more important than learning to use the potty. Good parents teach their children both. Children who don’t learn the power and importance of control are always making a mess. A child who accepts and trusts their parent’s “no” finds a happier and healthier life. Reaching for the hot stove causes loving parents to sometimes shout “no.” No is an important word and concept. The ten commandments are criticized by adults still in dirty diapers who never learned the importance and safety in a loving God’s “no.” Each of God’s “no’s” is for our good. Man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath for man.

Racial slurs are hurtful and demeaning. Every race learns racism early in the running. We are taught that some people are naturally lazy, some are dishonest, others are humble or gentle (supposedly). We assign certain character traits to groups of people like some botanist describing the species and genus of a plant. We use awful words and labels that should not be uttered, but the “N” word that causes the most pain is not what everyone thinks it is. Our prisons would be empty if that prisoner had just said “no.” The journey to jail began the first time a child failed to say “no” to what they knew in their heart of hearts was wrong. Learning when to say “no” is half the battle. Legislatures and City Councils have been trying to impose their collective will and reason on people with threats and fines since the first elders sat in the gate. Learning the use and power of “no” must take place in each individual heart and yet the happy life needs more than “no.” Life is a battle of wills. It first manifests itself when the two year old challenges a parent’s wishes and defiantly says “no,” to the loving reigns of restraint. But worse is the first time each little divinely made creature says “no” to God. If I could give one tidbit of advice, one word of warning, or offer a single proverb and fill it with all the wisdom I have learned in my nearly 70 years on this planet it would be. “Never say ‘no’ to God.” That is the worst “N” word man ever uttered. – Ingimar DeRidder

A Lion’s Pride

The world is still mourning the loss of its beloved “Cecil the Lion”. Social media exploded with indignation at the news of Cecil’s impalement at the hand of an American dentist and the animal’s unseemly demise. That a man would travel across the world and pay a fortune to kill such a majestic animal feels injudicious and unjust. Lions do not have personal injury lawyers and cannot sue in a court of law. They live and die by their own law. Thousands of Africans have been mauled or eaten by lions and the African’s thought of where they are going to get their own next meal, makes most unsympathetic to Cecil’s passing. Lions and Mother Nature know nothing of kindness, tender mercy, or gender equality. The lion’s pride is about the survival of the fittest, the fastest and the first. Evolutionists like to teach little children about the “Circle of Life” and the “food chain.” These same people were outraged last year when they learned that a zoo was feeding its lions giraffe meat, of all things. Lions care nothing about gay pride or pro-choice. They will gut a wildebeest faster than Planned Parenthood could pull apart a fetus for body parts. Evolutionists insist that man is at best just an animal. Then they are upset when men act like animals. Genesis insists that man is more. And yet among all of God’s creatures, man is the most silly, sentimental and sinful. What other animal would run away from home, join the circus, and stick its head in a lion’s mouth? What other animal would eat Jell-o, prey on women, wear outrageous sweaters while pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes? In Mark 1:13 we see Jesus (God come down) living where we live. On one side we see “wild beasts” and on the other side the “angels.” The old nature pulls in one direction. The new nature in the other. One says “prey” and the other says “pray.” One says believe in Mother Nature. The other says believe in Father God. One wants to be King of the Jungle. The other, humbles itself, impales pride, and follows the Prince of Peace. -id

Memorial Day

They fell in battle fighting for our right to enjoy freedom of speech or the right to remain silent. They gave their lives so we might be free to worship or free to not worship, to sing in the choir or sleep late on Sunday. They died defending our right to read words printed in a free press or to laugh at cartoons in the funny pages. They died in order that we might live and continue to live in a place called America.
Mostly they were young. They had sweethearts waiting for them at home. They had dads who were proud of the brave men their sons had become and mothers who still baked them cookies. They had dreams, American dreams. They dreamed of having kids and houses with white picket fences. They dreamed about starting a business or going to college. They were all heroes on their last day and they deserve the gratitude of a grateful nation. They felt the wrath of war for us and gave us peace.
They died so we could vote for the candidate of our choice each November, or have a backyard barbecue in July. They died so we could root, root, root for the home team, or just lay on our backs at the beach and watch the clouds sail by. They paid the highest price possible in order for our children to grow up in a country with a ‘golden torch’ and door on one end and a ‘Golden Gate’ on the other. They made it possible for bulls to run on Wall Street and for women to run for President. They stood against tyranny and tyrants. They stood up for America’s children in the playground and against the bullies of the world as only big brothers and sisters could do. We salute them. We salute them with parades and with color guards and with marching bands. But we also salute them with sack races and picnics, and row boats, and cold watermelon, and things as patriotic and American as a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a piece of Grandma’s famous American apple pie. Ingimar DeRidder