Not So Super Bowl

Franklin Graham lambasted the Super Bowl’s Half-Time Show for promoting sexual exploitation of women. Thank you, brother Graham for pointing that out to the millions of families and Christian couch potatoes and calling attention to the continued destruction and seduction of America; but pardon me, isn’t that what Hollywood and TV does ever day? Seems from reading about it, J Lo has reached a half-time (if not an All-time) low for women and mothers. Now, putting burkas on the Dallas Cheerleaders might seem a tad extreme, but come to think of it, wearing clothes might be a game changer. Anyway, I didn’t see the Super Bowl, since I have “taken the knee” when it comes to the NFL. Imagine if we spent as much time on our knees in prayer as we did before the “boob” tube. Frankly speaking, I think Franklin kicked a field goal for God and good with this one. -id

Good Will

Perhaps we all need to lighten up a little

George H.W. Bush spoke of a Kinder and Gentler Nation, 1,000 Points of Light, and Freedom.  He also said, “I’m a Conservative, but I’m not a nut about it.”  He also spoke of the awesome power of the Presidency of the United States. One of his most famous quotes was, “ I’m President, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli !.”  Personally,  I LOVE broccoli, yet because he was a man of good will, I don’t think he would have hated me for it. In an age when civility has deteriorated into a shouting match and what amounts to a political “food fight,” as America pays respect to a kind and gentle former President, I hope many might snap out of the evil spell of political hatred, and thank God we live in a land where we may respectfully disagree, and rediscover reason.  He, we are told, was an Episcopalian.  That’s not my fold. If that is Christian enough is not for me to answer. God is his judge. Another famous Politician once asked ” What shall I do with Jesus?”  What we do with Jesus is the start of Christianity, what Jesus did for us is the Heart of Christianity, and what we do for Him is the art of Christianity.   What kind of Christian am I? I hope I am the kind kind.  -id

Good Will Toward Men

Good will is worth its weight in gold

And it holds the world together

Some things can’t be bought or sold

But Good will makes things better

Good Will says, “you’re just like me.”

And “I am just like you.”

You want your life to happy be

And that’s what I want too

Peace on Earth, Good Will to men

was lost because of sin

Joy to the World when Jesus comes,

but you must let Him in.  -id. 

the Trump Show

America invented and gave the world TV. Today America is really putting on a show. The Trump Show is an amalgam of American culture, creativity and crudeness. The Trump Show is part soap opera, some circus, and all the Saturday morning cartoons we loved to watch, rolled into one. It’s Beat the Clock, Survivor Island, the Apprentice, and Let’s Make a Deal. It’s Norman Rockwell and Trash Can Art combined. It’s the Rough Riders, and rudeness, it’s Reality TV. It’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the Beverly Hillbillies, Hollywood Squares and the Wheel of Fortune come back to haunt us. We reap what we sow. Trump has always been surrounded by a cast of characters from Dickens, Darwin, and Dante. Brothels, and Bankers, Gambling Casinos, to gaudy penthouse apartments, loan sharks and charlatans, shady lawyers and shysters. Married three times (but no more than Solomon). A teetotaler who sells vodka. A boxing and cage fight promoter as well as a beauty pageant owner. A builder and a bargainer as well as a brawler. God’s man. What? I did not say a Man of God, but God’s man, as Samson with his Delilah, David and Bathsheba, Noah with his vineyards, Jacob with his lentils. The Bible is filled with real men and women, not flannel graph characters, or Fairy Tale heroes. When America was cheating at its own game of cards, God raised up a Trump Card to beat the House and expose a phony and rigged system, so dripping with hypocrisy that it smelled to high heaven, and the rodents, rats, and roaches have been scrambling to hide in their own corruption and darkness. The elites have not only long honored themselves with titles, and tributes, as well as national treasure, but colluding with the media which with a single well-timed story had always been able to hang any usurper on the tree limb of public opinion or hang them out to dry should they try to challenge their hegemony. God raised up a rascal, immune to their poisons and impervious to their arrows. I don’t think George Washington could have survived the Special Council trying to convict him for cutting down that cherry tree. Nor could Abraham Lincoln endure the criticism of his wife and family without challenging CNN to a duel; and Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders would not stand a chance against the blood sucking mosquitoes of this modern day swamp called politics. But God, for nothing else but to give America a little more time before it aborts and consumes itself, has raised up a defender of the most helpless, the unborn, who had the audacity to stick his finger in the eye, if not in the dyke, of moral indecency (how ironic). May God help him, or God help us all. Pray for Trump. God is pro life, and for that reason alone lovers of life should support all those who do, but that is not why we do not support the progressives, globalists, and irreverent. There is one good reason God seems to have turned the establishment on its head. Israel. Trump’s America is Israel’s only friend. The very idea that Israel has a right to exist, let alone be a Jewish State makes godless globalists foam at the mouth. God blesses those who bless Israel. Pray for Israel and pray for Trump, pray for both their souls. Lift up your head redemption draweth neigh.

 -Ingimar DeRidder

Christian America and Racial Unrest

King James gave us the King James Bible. He also planted tares along with the wheat that America is harvesting today. He gave us Jamestown, which was built on the tribal lands of the Algonquin Indians. 1605, unbeknownst to the Indians who never heard of England, King James signed a “Charter” which read in part “all the rights to all the lands, woods, soils, grounds, ports, rivers, mines, minerals, and commodities” were awarded to a group of English merchants to establish a colony for profit.

On April 26 1607, a group of ill prepared entrepreneurs established a settlement in the mosquito infested, marshy swamp lands of coastal Virginia. By winter only 38 of the original 105 colonists had survived. They were dispirited, weak, and disorganized as well as being surrounded by indigenous peoples who were, (depending on who you asked), either “hostile,” or “not happy with all these illegal aliens.” Reinforcements, fresh supplies and John Smith brought help and order, saving the colony which started to make a profit by selling the newest rage in Europe, tobacco. The local Indians established a truce and relationship with the English, trading crops for European wonders, products, gizmos and inventions.

Two things happened in 1619 (one year before the Pilgrims) which was a game changer. Women arrived from Europe (up until this time only men were part of this enterprise). The second thing was Africans were brought to the New World to tend to tobacco growing which was very labor intensive. Most who came were indentured servants. Indentured servants sold themselves for 4 to 8 years as a price of passage to a new world and all its possibilities and opportunity. Indentured servants, black and white worked side by side under the hot Virginia sun and horrific circumstances, sometimes right alongside their masters and their master’s family. Sometimes the indentured servants would try to run away. In 1640 three “made a run for it.” They were the Three Musketeers for Freedom; they were free until they were caught in Maryland and tried for violating their indentured servant’s contract. A Dutchman named Victor, a Scotchman named James Gregory and an African named John Punch stood before the “Justice.”  Victor and James were whipped and four additional years were added to their contract. John Punch’s sentence was different. He was to be a slave for the rest of his life. This was the first seed of such a great sorrow planted in American soil which would produce a bitter harvest still being reaped to this day. What happened to John Punch’s quest for freedom in Virginia would eventually lead to the Civil War and to the battles fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the civil unrest and resentment felt today by many blacks when they see the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia on a pickup truck driving around some monument in Charlottesville today.

The House of Burgesses felt it had to address the costly problem of indentured servants bolting (both “negro and white.”) Time lost in the field, as well as chasing, tracking, and transporting fugitives back called for measures both punitive and preventive and land owners sought a remedy for such a costly annoyance. Courts added additional time to the servant’s contract, or working a year while wearing a leg iron, or even being branded on the cheek with a red hot branding iron. White indentured servants felt no compunction to “not dream” of running away with a black servant until a law was passed which added the time of any or all the blacks who helped them or of those they helped to their own sentence, so a division of difference was cleaverly wedged to separate men and women by race, not their indentured standing. Laws upon laws were passed to discourage runaways, even to the point of fining the master for the inconvenience of allowing it to happen in the first place. This caused punishments to become more severe. Chattel slavery as an institution was being legally forged, link by link until the very heavy chains of injustice would wrap America like those that entwined Marley’s Ghost. The landowners of Virginia were not “racists” at first. They did not hate black people. They were businessmen and all these laws had to do with “profit” and sending more tobacco, and eventually cotton to Europe.

Before 1662 a slave born to a white master, might find legal standing upon declaring her Christian faith and her paternal relationship to her white father. Seeing that danger, in 1662 the House of Burgesses passed a law stating that a child born to a slave was a slave, regardless of who the father was. So much for inalienable rights endowed by the Creator. Indentured servitude was not as financially lucrative as slavery and if slavery was to be protected, laws were passed to close this way of escape. Legal status was changed from the paternal to the maternal relationship. If your mother was a slave it did not matter who the father was, you were born a piece of property with no rights, no recourse, and no hope of freedom.

King James and all those who passed laws that took away tribal lands, or turned people into property have died long ago, but the spectral memories which still haunt the House of Burgesses and hover over the unmarked graves of those who failed in their attempt to “make a run for it,” should cause us to pause and like Ebenezer Scrooge to ponder the ethereal visitation of conscience and thank God that we have awakened in time for Christmas morning as an opportunity to know the love of God and have a change of heart, and to live to see another day when both slave owner and slave, in cotton fields and cotton mills, in counting houses, and call centers strive no more to lord over anyone, but rather practice what we preach as we sing Joy to the World, the Lord has come, and for the Prince of Peace to bring salvation from a Prince of Darkness and to remove the shackles of the worst kind of slavery: sin. Ebenezer Scrooge enquired as to the continued availability of a large turkey hanging in the butcher’s window on Main Street, intending to show a kindness to the Cratchit household and then determined to increase Bob Cratchit’s wages and seek medical assistance for Tiny Tim. Charles Dickens, was neither an Apostle nor one of the Magi, but he raised his Ebenezer (like Samuel in I Sam 7:12) reminding us that a Christian nation (if there is or ever was) should be “doers of the word and not hearers only.” -id

Red Carpet Treatment

We see them walking along a red carpet like Olympian gods come down from their palaces to worship themselves in the Golden Globes or Oscars. From the silver screen to cable TV’s and DVD’s actors walk across some stage, as an illusion and a figment of man’s imagination. At award ceremonies they stumble over their lines as they try to thank everyone who played a part in their life of pretending. That’s what acting is, pretending. Many times, in telling a story, they pretend to be a nice or a good person, and we were glad to go along with the story. The charges made against Harvey Weinstein and the torrential downpour of accusations is a spoon full of Caster Oil and a dose of reality long overdue. Hollywood has applied heavy layers of cosmetics to make sinners look good and tell lies. As knee-taking has ruined the All American image of the NFL and emptied stadiums, so the current confessional and exposure of Hollywood’s naked truth is Toto pulling back the curtain on America’s Wizard of Oz. Every medium can be used for good or ill. The same printing press that prints a Bible can print Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s not the bad technology but bad theology that’s the problem. In the spiritual world there also is “believe,” and “make-believe.” The Apostle Paul called men to an “unfeigned” faith that is real and needs no cosmetics or casting couches. Some say they have been trying to warn everyone that Hollywood is full of these predators and lies, but no one would listen. I seem to remember another famous actor who spoke the truth, but nobody listened. His name was Jiminy Cricket. When Pinocchio wanted to go off with Honest John and be an actor, he left Jiminy (his old friend) behind, to which the disappointed insect philosophized, “What does an actor need with a conscience anyway?” Forget the red carpet and the glamor and all the Honest Johns of this world promise you. Listen to God (and the little voice called conscience, if he is still around) and the story of the Cross. What should we think about the shocking red carpet revelations? It’s not that we need to think harder, we need to think higher. Don’t think about the curtain call, think about God’s final call   -id

Knee Jerk Reactions

I stopped wearing a Dodgers hat when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. William Penn refused to remove his hat before the English court, after being arrested for speaking to an “unlawful assembly.” The Government ordered that no religious group larger than five persons could gather (except for the Church of England). Wanting to avoid an unnecessary confrontation with the world’s authorities Penn (the eventual founder of Pennsylvania) chose to enter the court without a hat (against the custom of the day) thus eliminating the necessity of removing it as a gesture of deference to the government’s magistrate. God was this Quaker’s Magistrate and Master. The Bailiff insisted they enter with hats and placed the hat on Penn’s head, which he now refused to remove. Penn was sent to jail for this crime of fashion. Continue reading

Battle of Charlottesville

The Battle of Charlottesville
America is perhaps the only Nation in history, in which after crushing a Revolution or Civil war, not only allowed the defeated army to take their rifles home, but allowed those defeated to erect monuments of honor to themselves and a bad cause. What most call the Confederate flag is in fact the battle flag of the defeated Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Robert E. Lee. Continue reading